We build and run engineering teams to deliver your projects

Are you a funded startup looking to launch your initial project? We have over 20+ years of experience building and launching startups.

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Who we are

Hydra Software is lead by Phong Nguyen, who is an industry veteran in the startup space. With over 20+ years of experience building and launching startups, we know how to deliver cost effective results on-time to meet goals like your next fundraise. Don't waste time and money hiring inexperienced teams, build it once the right way with Hydra Software.


On-time Projects


Within Budget

We Use The Latest Technologies

Software technology is our passion. We continuously research and adapt new technologies where appropriate for projects.

  • Don’t get stuck with outdated technologies and methodologies
    • Stuck hiring outdated engineers
    • Stuck with outdated software and decreased software support
    • Slower feature development compared to newer stacks
  • Continual research/exploration by our Software Architects on the best and latest technology stacks and services
  • Do it right the first time, don’t waste money and resources rebuilding over and over again due to poorly written code

We embrace a remote engineering culture

We have ran remote engineering teams for years and know how to lead remote teams to successfully deliver projects. Through our team processes and internal tools, we have built a culture of transparency, trust, and efficiency.

  • All team members on your project are remote
  • Team members are hired full-time and dedicated for your project
  • Team members are supervised and mentored by 20+ year experienced Architects and Tech Leads
  • We use a variety of internal tools to manage remote work
  • Engineers spend over 95% of their time coding, we have very effective project management and reduce unnecessary meetings and distractions so engineers can focus on writing code


  • High quality code and software best practices
  • Our Software Architects and Tech Leads have over 20+ years of experience each developing software in fast paced startup environments with high scalability and high availability.
  • We hire great Senior Engineers who are mentored by our Software Architects and Tech Leads.


  • Using a blend of off-shore talent and our seasoned 20+ year Architects and Tech Leads, we are able to deliver high quality software solutions at affordable prices.
  • No need to rebuild your software stack because an outsourced agency delivered bad code, hire us and only build your software once.


  • Our team lives and breathes startup work culture
  • Efficient: We are able to deliver and launch projects fast because we know what to build. A common mistake for less experienced teams and engineers is that they waste development cycles building things that are not needed through our 20+ years of experience for each


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